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SAT Test Scores Import (October 2015-February 2016)

The import allows both a fixed-width positional and a comma-delimited (CSV) file import.

  • The Position column indicates the start and end in the positional import file. The program determines that the import is the positional layout if the file length is 2591 or greater, and position 59-62 contains a numeric four-digit year starting with 20.
  • The Column # column indicates the position in the comma-delimited file. The program determines that the import file is the comma delimited if it contains enough commas to be split into at least 449 columns, and the fourth column either contains a numeric four-digit year starting with 20 or the word YEAR to indicate it is a heading row.
FieldPositionColumn #Length and Valid Values
Stu Last Name113-147635
Stu First Name148-182735
Stu Middle Initial183-1838
Stu Gender184-1849
Stu DOB203-21223YYYY-MM-DD
Test Date659-66844YYYY-MM-DD
Education Level/Grade Level at Time of Test669-670451 = Not yet in 8th grade
2 = 8th grade
4 = 9th grade
5 = 10th grade
6 = 11th grade
7 = 12th grade
8 = No longer in high school
10 = No response
11 = Unknown
12 = 1st year of college
13 = 2nd year of college
Reading Score714-71666
Essay Score723-72469
Multiple Choice725-72670
Reading National Percentile773-774880-99
Math National Percentile775-776890-99
Writing National Percentile777-778900-99
Reading State Percentile815-8161080-99
Nationally Representative Sample Percentile
Math State Percentile817-8181090-99
Nationally Representative Sample Percentile
Writing State Percentile819-8201100-99
Nationally Representative Sample Percentile
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