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Import Covered Individuals Data File Layout

The Import ACA 1095-B/1095-C Data utility uses this file record layout when importing a file to insert covered individual data records to the Human Resources > Maintenance > ACA 1095 YTD Data > 1095-B and 1095-C pages.

Sequence Field Length Type Description
1Employee Number or Social Security NumberEmp # - 6

SSN - 9
Numeric001511 or 123456789
2Covered Individual First Name17AlphanumericWilliam
3Covered Individual Middle Name14AlphanumericMichael
4Covered Individual Last Name25AlphanumericAnderson
5Covered Individual Generation1AlphanumericSee notes section for code descriptions.
6Covered Individual Social Security Number9Numeric123456789
7Covered Individual Date of Birth8NumericYYYYMMDD; Ex: 19691016
8Covered All Months (January - December)1AlphaY, N
9January Coverage1AlphaY, N
10February Coverage1AlphaY, N
11March Coverage1AlphaY, N
12April Coverage1AlphaY, N
13May Coverage1AlphaY, N
14June Coverage1AlphaY, N
15July Coverage1AlphaY, N
16August Coverage1AlphaY, N
17September Coverage1Alpha Y, N
18October Coverage1AlphaY, N
19November Coverage1AlphaY, N
20December Coverage1AlphaY, N


The uploaded file type must be in the comma-delimited text (.txt) or comma-separated values (.csv) format.

The covered individual’s first and last name are required, and either the date of birth or social security number.

The Length field provides the maximum number of allowed characters.

If the Covered All Months field is populated, the individual month (January - December) coverage fields should not be populated, and vice versa.

Generation codes:

1 - JR
2 - SR
3 - II
4 - III
5 - IV
6 - V
7 - VI
8 - VII
9 - VIII
A - I
B - IX
C - X

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