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Import JV Transactions File Layout

This file layout is used to import general journal transactions.

Field Length Class Codes
Account Code20
Appropriation Amount116, 8
Expenditure Amount116, 8
Estimated Revenue Amount115, 7
Realized Revenue Amount115, 7
Balance Amount111, 2, 3
Journal Voucher Number6
JV Number Description30
JV Voucher Reason30
General Ledger Account Description30


This is a comma-delimited file format, which means that commas are not allowed within a field. For example, there should not be any commas in the JV Number Description or the GL Account Description fields.

For amounts, decimal places not implied. For example, 6789 indicates $6,789, and 67.89 indicates $67.89. Eleven numeric characters can be entered with two decimal places, or when whole numbers are entered, nine numeric characters are allowed.

Credit amounts should start with a minus sign (e.g., -).

Amount fields with no data should be empty in the file; do not use zeros.

Newly created accounts will be validated by each component within the Finance > Tables > Account Codes tabs and will contain the same edits as found on the Finance > Maintenance > Create Chart of Accounts page.

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