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Import Staff Demo Insurance Data File Layout

SequenceField Length TypeDescription/Example
1Employee Number or Social Security NumberEmp # - 6 or SSN - 9Numeric001511 or 123456789
2Company Code5AlphanumericAetna
3Plan Number20Numeric4566778559
4Plan Type1AlphaC (Emp and children), E (Employee only), F (Emp and family), S (Emp and spouse)
5Employee Insurance ID20Numeric12345678910
6Covered Individual First Name 17AlphanumericWilliam
7Covered Individual Middle Name14AlphanumericMichael
8Covered Individual Last Name25AlphanumericAnderson
9Covered Individual Generation CodeAlphanumericEx. JR, SR, II, etc.
10Coverage Begin Date8NumericYYYYMMDD; Ex: 20140901
11Coverage End Date8NumericYYYYMMDD; 20150901
12Relation1AlphaC (Child), E (Employee self), S (Spouse)
13Social Security Number9Numeric123456789
14Date of Birth8NumericYYYYMMDD; Ex: 19691016


The uploaded file type must be in the comma-delimited text (.txt) or comma-separated values (.csv) format.

The Length field provides the maximum number of allowed characters.

Columns 1-5 contain plan data.

Columns 6-13 contain coverage data.

The employee number, insurance company code, plan number, and plan type are required.

If coverage data (columns 6-13) exists, the covered individual’s first and last name are required.

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