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Merge Asset Management Text File Layout

This file layout is used when uploading Asset Management tables that were created from a separate software.

Field Length Position Type Description
Existing TxEIS Item #101-10Character
Serial #30117-146Character
Last Inventory Date *8147-154NumericYYYYMMDD
Cost11155-165Numeric2 decimal positions; zero-filled
Account Code20166-185CharacterLeft-justified
Method *2186-187Character
Life *4188-191Numeric2 decimal positions
Bar Code10192-201Character

* see defaults


All records being merged must have an item number or bar code.

The item number or bar code becomes the item number for the Asset Management application inventory record. If no item number or bar code exists, the record is not added or updated in the Asset Management application.

When you create the merge text file from the vendor’s software, please name it UPcccddd (where cccddd is the county-district number).

The record maximum is 201 characters. Any position (1-201) not used is recognized with a space.

Merge Process Defaults:

If the cost is not numeric, then it is set to zeros.

The Total Value = Number of Units x Unit Cost.

If the last inventory date is spaces, the system date is used.

A status code must exist on the Tables > Code Tables tab before it can be selected or used on the Asset Management Options page. If the Life field is blank or not numeric in the text file, the estimated life is set to 10 and prints on the Inventory Upload Report.

If the inventory type changes (i.e., from I to C) during an update, a message is printed on the Inventory Upload Report.

The default depreciation method is SL.

The Unallocated field is set to N in the Book table.

The Percent field is set to 100% in the Depreciation Distribution table. The Book Type field is set to GP - GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) in the Book table.

If the account code in the text file is spaces, the account code entered in the Default Account Code for Capital Items field of the Merge Asset Management Text File page is used in the Transaction table.

If this is a new record in the Asset Management application, the default transaction type is O (original) in the Transaction table.

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