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ACT Test Scores Import

FieldStart PositionEnd PositionLengthTableColumn
Year ID122sr_st_enrollsch_yrComputed (e.g., 18=2018)
Last Name32725sr_st_enrollname_l
First Name284316sr_st_enrollname_f
Middle Initial44441sr_st_enrollname_mCompare 1st char
SSN (Year ID < 15)91999sr_st_enrollstate_stu_idTarget not necessarily SSN
blank or ACT ID (Year ID=15 and later)91999 Can be blank, or type a dash (-) in position 91 for ACT ID.
Date of Birth (expanded)1551628sr_st_demodobYYYYMMDD
Date of Birth1011066sr_st_demodobMMDDYY
Gender87882sr_st_demosexYear ID=15 and later:position 87: (4 for male, 6 for female); position 88: male or female
The following fields are imported into the ACT test scores table:
FieldStart PositionEnd PositionLengthColumnLengthComments
Student ID stu_id6Computed
Test Date2272326admin_dt6YYYYMM (e.g., 201709)
Composite Scale Score2692702comp_scr201-36
Natl Norm Comp (Year ID < 16)7817822natl_perc_bnd_blw20-99
Natl Norm Comp (Year ID=16 and later)104110433natl_perc_bnd_blw3001-100
Sum of Scale Scores2722743total4
Test Location2492491test1Blank, F, S, Z, D
Grade Level89902grd_lvl207-12
English Scale Score2612622eng_scr201-36
Math Scale Score2632642math_scr201-36
Reading Scale Score2652662read_scr201-36
Science Scale Score2672682sci_scr201-36
Combined English/Writing Score (Year ID < 2015)1631642comb_scr201-36
Combined English/Writing Score (Year ID=15 and later)1631642blank
Writing Subscore (Year ID < 15)1651662wrt_scr202-12
Writing Subscore (Year ID=15)*7917922wrt_scr201-36
Writing Subscore (Year ID=2016 and later)8048052wrt_scr202-12
Natl Norm Eng (Year ID=15)7737742nat_norm_engl201-99
Natl Norm Eng (Year ID=16 and later)102910313nat_norm_engl3001-100
Natl Norm Read (Year ID < 16)7777782nat_norm_read201-99
Natl Norm Read (Year ID=16 and later)103510373nat_norm_read3001-100
Natl Norm Sci (Year ID < 16)7797802nat_norm_sci201-99
Natl Norm Sci (Year ID=16 and later)103810403nat_norm_sci3001-100
Natl Norm Eng/Wrt (Year ID < 15)1671682nat_norm_comb201-99
Natl Norm Eng/Wrt (Year ID=15 and later)1671682blank
Natl Norm Writing (Year ID < 15)1691702nat_norm_wrt201-99
Natl Norm Writing (Year ID=15)8048052nat_norm_wrt201-99
Natl Norm Writing (Year ID=16 and later)7937953nat_norm_wrt301-100
Writing Domain - Ideas and Analysis (Year ID=15 and later)7967972wrt_domain_idea202-12
Writing Domain - Development and Support (Year ID=15 and later)7987992wrt_domain_dev202-12
Writing Domain - Organization (Year ID=15 and later)8008012wrt_domain_org202-12
Writing Domain - Language Use and Conventions (Year ID=15 and later)8028032wrt_domain_lang202-12

* The Writing Subscore (Year ID=15) is the scaled sum of the four Writing Domain scores (08-48) and reported on a 1-36 scale obtained through a scaling and equating process.

  • For Year ID=16, the file length must be 1050.
  • For Year ID=15, the file length can be 821 or 1050.
  • For Year ID < 15, the file length must be 783.
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