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-<div head2>Parent Guide: New Student Enrollment, Online Registration, & Data Updates</div>+======Parent Guide: New Student Enrollment, Online Registration, & Data Updates======
-<WRAP box #no-print>{{:images:printer.png|printer icon}}[[:academy:parent?do=export_pdf&toclevels=1-3&book_title=ASCENDER ParentPortal - Parent Guide: New Student Enrollment, Online Registration, & Data Updates| Click here to generate a PDF of this guide]].+<WRAP box #no-print>{{:images:printer.png|printer icon}}[[:academy:parent?do=export_pdf&toclevels=1-3&book_title=ASCENDER ParentPortal - Parent Guide: New Student Enrollment, Registration,Student Data Maintenance| Click here to generate a PDF of this guide]].
 </WRAP> </WRAP>
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-<div head2>I. Create an ASCENDER ParentPortal account and log on.</div> +=====I. Create Account & Enroll a New Student===== 
-\\  \\   + 
-**//ASCENDER ParentPortal > Login//**\\  \\   +<WRAP round intro>Follow these steps to enroll new student in the district
-<WRAP round intro>Before enrolling a student, create a user account in ASCENDER ParentPortal in order to obtain a user name and password to access the system. When you access ParentPortal, the Login page is displayed.+
 </WRAP> </WRAP>
-VCV Click **Create New Account**.\\  \\   +  - ++Create an ASCENDER ParentPortal account and log on.|{{page>academy:parent_enroll_new_student_create_account&inline}}++ 
-{{:images:screenshots:parent-login-page.png|Parent Login Page}}\\  \\   +  ++Complete the new student enrollment process.|{{page>academy:parent_enroll_new_student_steps&inline}}++ 
-The Create Account User Info page opens.\\  \\  +  ++What happens next?|{{page>parent_enroll_new_student_what_next&inline}}++ 
 +\\  \\  
-{{page>general:create_user_body}}+=====II. Add & Register Student=====
 +<WRAP round intro>With a ParentPortal ID, you can add the student to your ASCENDER ParentPortal account and complete Returning Student Registration during the registration window.
-<div head2>II. Complete the new student enrollment process.</div>+++++Registration & Student Data Maintenance Flow Chart:|{{page>academy:admin_parent_add_student_flowchart&inline}}++++
-\\   +</WRAP>
-**//ASCENDER ParentPortal > My Account//**\\  \\   +
-If you are continuing from the previous step, the My Account page is displayed. Otherwise, log on and select My Account from the header menu.\\  \\   +
-**If you have not already verified your email address** using the link that was sent to your email address, you must do this now to continue.\\  \\   +
-<WRAP box>**IMPORTANT:** If you do not have access to an email address, contact your student's campus.</WRAP>+
-VCV Verify the email address: <div indent>You must provide and verify your email address before you can access features that require your email address.\\  \\   
-You can update your email address at any time.\\  \\   
-If no email address has been entered, enter the address. 
-^Email Address|Type your current email address.\\  You cannot enter an email address that is already in use.| 
-^Confirm Email Address|Retype the email address to confirm that you typed it as intended.| 
-VCV Click **Verify Email Address**.\\  \\   
-<div indent> 
-You will receive an email message at that address containing a verification link.\\  \\   
-If you entered an email address when you registered for this ASCENDER ParentPortal account, you should have received an email message in your inbox with a code allowing you to verify your email address. 
-  * If the email has been verified, your email address is displayed.\\  \\   
-  * If your email address has not been verified, you can click **Resend Code** to send a new code. 
-</div>\\  \\   
-\\  \\   
-VCV To enroll a student who has never been enrolled in the district, click **Enroll a New Student**.\\  \\   
-<div indent> 
-The **//New Student Online Enrollment//** page opens.\\  \\   
-**You must already have verified your email address before this button is displayed.** 
-\\  \\   +++++Before continuing:|{{page>academy:parent_add_student_prereq&inline}}++++
-**//ASCENDER ParentPortal My Account > Enroll a New Student//**\\  \\  +
 +**Once you receive the ParentPortal ID:**
 +  - ++Add the student to your ParentPortal account.|{{page>academy:parent_enroll_new_student_add_student&inline}}++
 +\\  \\  
 +**During the Registration window:**
 +  - ++Register your returning student for the upcoming school year.|{{page>academy:parent_add_student_register&inline}}++
 +  - ++Monitor pending data changes.|{{page>academy:parent_add_student_monitor_pending&inline}}++
 +  - ++What happens next?|{{page>academy:parent_add_student_what_next&inline}}++
 +\\  \\  
 +=====III. Maintain Student Data=====
-<div head3>What Happens Next?</div>+<WRAP intro round>If allowed by the district, you can submit a request to update your student’s current year records at any time, such as an address or phone number change.</WRAP>
-{{page>admin_parent_enroll_new_student_what_next&inline}}+  - ++Update current year data as needed.|{{page>academy:parent_maintain_student_data_updates&inline}}++
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