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Parent Guide: New Student Enrollment, Online Registration, & Data Updates

I. Create an ASCENDER ParentPortal account and log on.

ASCENDER ParentPortal > Login

Before enrolling a student, create a user account in ASCENDER ParentPortal in order to obtain a user name and password to access the system. When you access ParentPortal, the Login page is displayed.

❏ Click Create New Account.

Parent Login Page

The Create Account - User Info page opens.

User Information

Create User Account page

User Name

Create a username to identify you in ASCENDER ParentPortal with a combination of letters from your first and last name.


• 6-25 alphanumeric characters

• Unique (no one else in the district is using it)

• Not case-sensitive


Type a password that you will use when you log on to ASCENDER ParentPortal.

A show/hide toggle show button allows you to view or mask the characters you are typing.


• 8-46 alphanumeric characters

• Three of the following: uppercase, lowercase, numeric, and special characters

• Case-sensitive

Password Verification

Re-enter your password to verify that you typed it as intended.

Email Address

(Required) Type your email address. You cannot enter an address that is already in use.

NOTE: If you have multiple students associated with your account, the email address listed for the guardian at your student's campus must match for ALL students associated with your ParentPortal account in order for Registration features to be activated, and the email address must be validated.

Mobile Number

Type your ten-digit mobile number. You cannot enter a number that is in use.

❏ Click Next.

Security Question

Security Questions

Select Question

Select a question. If you need to reset your password, you will be asked this question.


Type the answer to the question.

You will need to answer this question correctly to recover your password. Be sure to select a question for which you will remember the answer easily.

IMPORTANT: The answer is case-sensitive (always write it exactly as it appears here, including upper and lower case letters).

❏ Click Next.

Create Account - finish page


❏ Click Finish.

  • The My Account page opens where you can add a student to your account and update your security and contact information.
  • If you entered an email address or mobile number, you will receive a notification message containing a verification link.

NOTE: If you are not listed as a contact or as a guardian (i.e., student, step-parent, etc.), you will be a read-only user with limited access.

II. Complete the new student enrollment process.

ASCENDER ParentPortal > My Account

If you are continuing from the previous step, the My Account page is displayed. Otherwise, log on and select My Account from the header menu.

If you have not already verified your email address using the link that was sent to your email address, you must do this now to continue.

IMPORTANT: If you do not have access to an email address, contact your student's campus.

❏ Verify the email address:

You must provide and verify your email address before you can access features that require your email address.

You can update your email address at any time.

If no email address has been entered, enter the address.

Email AddressType your current email address.
You cannot enter an email address that is already in use.
Confirm Email AddressRetype the email address to confirm that you typed it as intended.

❏ Click Verify Email Address.

You will receive an email message at that address containing a verification link.

If you entered an email address when you registered for this ASCENDER ParentPortal account, you should have received an email message in your inbox with a code allowing you to verify your email address.

  • If the email has been verified, your email address is displayed.

  • If your email address has not been verified, you can click Resend Code to send a new code.

❏ To enroll a student who has never been enrolled in the district, click Enroll a New Student.

The New Student Online Enrollment page opens.

You must already have verified your email address before this button is displayed.

ASCENDER ParentPortal > My Account > Enroll a New Student

The New Student Enrollment page allows you to go through the steps required to enroll a new student online using forms provided by the district, and then request an enrollment key which will allow you to complete the New Student Enrollment process.

Step 1 - Student Name:

❏ Enter the student's full name and click Continue.

Enrollment Step 1

Step 2 - Enrollment Key:

There are two possible methods for requesting an enrollment key. One of the following options will be available, as determined by the district.

  • Option 1 - Email Validation
  • Option 2 - CAPTCHA Validation

❏ Click Continue.

Step 3 - Addresses & Contacts:

Step 3 allows you to add physical addresses and mailing addresses for the student, family members, and other contacts.

Enrollment Step 3

Family AddressesAny existing addresses for the student and family are listed. You can enter multiple sets of addresses if needed.

Add address:

❏ Click Add Address to add an address.

The Add Address window opens.

Add Address pop-up window

❏ Type the complete address in the fields provided.

❏ Click Copy to copy data from the Physical Address fields to the Mailing Address fields if applicable.

❏ Click Save.

Edit address:

❏ Click Edit next to the address to edit an existing address.

The Add Address window opens.

❏ Update the fields as needed.

❏ Click Save.

Family ContactsExisting contact information for all of the student's family and emergency contacts. Add up to seven contacts as needed.

Add a contact:

❏ Click Add Contact to add a contact.

The Add Contact window opens.

Add Contacts window

❏ Enter data in the fields, including the contact's complete name and address.

❏ Click Save.

❏ Add additional contacts as needed.

Edit a contact:

❏ Click Edit next to the contact's name.

The Add Contact window opens.

❏ Update the fields as needed.

❏ Click Save.

❏ Click Continue.

Step 4 - Student Information:

Any existing students added to your account are listed.

Enrollment Step 4

❏ Click Add/Edit Info for the student.

The page is re-displayed allowing you to select the student's address and contacts and enter additional information for the selected student.

Enrollment Step 4 with Student Info displayed

Student InformationThe name of the selected student is displayed. Click Choose Another Student to enter data for a different student.
Address InformationSelect an address for the student from the drop-down list. These are the addresses entered in Step 3.

If you need to add another address, you can click Return to Step 3 to add another address, and then return to Step 4.
Select your contact(s) belowSelect contacts for the student from those entered in Step 3:

• From the list of contacts, select up to seven who should be listed as contacts for the student.
• Of those selected as contacts, select Primary Contact for the one who is the student's primary contact.

If you need to add another contact, click Return to Step 3 to add another contact, and then return to Step 4.

student demographic informationEnter student demographic data in the fields provided.

Attach a document:

If a field contains the Document button, you can click the button to upload a file related to online enrollment, such as a birth certificate, driver license, immunization record, or proof of residency.

A window opens allowing you select and upload one or more files.

Document UploadClick Choose File. Locate and select the file to be uploaded.

The following file types are acceptable:

• Text: .txt
• Microsoft applications: .doc, .docx, .pps, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, and .xlsx
• Images: .gif, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .tif, and .tiff
• Video: .avi, .flv, .mov, .mpe, .mpeg, .mpg, and .wmv
• Audio: .wav
• Zipped: .zip

DescriptionType a description of the file you are uploading.

❏ Click Upload File.

A message is displayed indicating that the file upload was successful, and the details are displayed.

❏ Click Close to close the window.

Documents button indicating a document exists - If a document has been uploaded for a particular field, the button displays Documents(+) (with a plus sign).
Documents button indicating no document exists - If no document has been uploaded for the field, the button displays Documents(-) (with a minus sign).

View or delete an existing document:

❏ Click Documents(+).

• Click the document to view it.
• Click delete icon next to the document to delete it. You are prompted to confirm that you want to delete the file. Click OK.

❏ Click Save and Continue.

❏ Or, click Save and Continue Later if you have not completed all information and need to continue at a later time. A message is displayed indicating that the data is saved but not submitted for district processing. You can return at a later time to complete the process.

Step 5 - Enrollment Forms:

Enrollment Step 5

❏ Under Downloadable Enrollment Forms:

Any additional forms required by the campus or district are listed.

(If you are unable to submit forms online, they can be printed: Download Standard Forms (optional):)

❏ Click each form to view it. The form opens in a new window where it can be viewed and printed.

❏ Print and complete all forms by hand, and take the completed forms to the campus or district if required.

❏ Under Standard Enrollment Forms:

The required standard forms are listed. These forms can be completed and submitted online. Icons next to the form name indicate if you have completed the form:

form not completed icon - Indicates that the parent has not saved the form.
form completed icon - Indicates that the parent has already saved the form.

❏ Click each form to view it.

The form opens in a pop-up window.

❏ Enter the required information and click Save Changes.

You cannot save a form unless all required data is entered.

NOTE: Some forms do not have data entry fields, but do need to be acknowledged by the parent. In this case, the click Save Changes to acknowledge the contents of the form.

Until all forms are saved, the Enroll Student button remains disabled. (You may need to scroll down to view the Enroll Student button.)

❏ Click Enroll Student when all data and forms are ready.

The student’s enrollment information is submitted to the district for review and acceptance. You will also receive a confirmation notice by email.

Step 6 - Final Steps:

❏ Click Add Another Student if you need to enroll another student, and repeat the process from Step 1.

Under Enrollment Confirmation:

All students are listed whom you have successfully submitted to the district for enrollment, or are in the process of enrolling.

  • If you have started the enrollment process for the student, the student's name is displayed.

  • If his enrollment has successfully been submitted to the district, the submission date-time stamp is displayed.

❏ (Optional) Click Print to print a confirmation message for each enrolled student.

The message contains the student’s name, student enrollment key, and further instructions for your records.

What Happens Next?

Visit in person:

To complete the enrollment process, it may be necessary to go to the district or campus to deliver the downloadable forms and complete any steps that must be handled in person, as required by the district and campus. Contact your campus for these instructions.

Receive a ParentPortal ID:

Once the district or campus has completed your student's enrollment, the campus will issue you a ParentPortal ID for each student you successfully enrolled. You can use the portal ID to add the student to your account.

Once your student is completely enrolled and added to your account, he will be listed on your My Account page under Students.

What Happens Next?

  • Once the campus has accepted the enrollment of your student, the campus will issue you a unique ParentPortal ID for each student allowing you to add to student to your ParentPortal account.

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