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Administrator Login

ASCENDER ParentPortal Admin Login

Welcome to ASCENDER ParentPortal Admin. The administrator access site provides web access to features and options that are only available to district- and campus-level administrators.

If you are a new user and do not have a user name, you must create a user name.

Log on to ASCENDER ParentPortal Admin:

❏ Enter the following:

User Name

Type the user name you entered when you created your ASCENDER ParentPortal account. Your user name is not case-sensitive.


Type the most recent password entered for this account. Your password is case-sensitive.

❏ Click Log In.

The User Settings page opens.

WARNING: If you have three unsuccessful attempts to log on (invalid user name/password combinations), the system will lock out your account for 10 minutes. Try logging on again after 10 minutes.

For security purposes, your password will expire periodically. If your password has expired, you will be redirected to the Password Expired page before the User Settings page is displayed. Follow the instructions provided in the Help for the Password Expired page.

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