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Admin - District Settings

ASCENDER ParentPortal Admin > Admin Settings > District Settings

This page is only available to users who log on to ASCENDER ParentPortal with a district-level administrator account.

This page allows administrative users to manage the district-wide ASCENDER ParentPortal settings, such as site theme and security questions.

NOTE: Selections are automatically saved for most fields. Clicking Save is only required where indicated.

District Settings page - Access Control section

Access Control

Site Access:

❏ Enable or disable access to ASCENDER ParentPortal.

ParentPortal isActive is displayed if the application is currently available to parents.

Inactive is displayed if the application is not currently available to parents.
ParentPortal is active as ofThe date for the active/inactive setting is displayed.

If Active, the date indicates when ParentPortal became active.

If Inactive, the date indicates when ParentPortal will become active.

To change the date, click Change.

In the ASCENDER ParentPortal will be active as of field, type the new date. Click Save.

The new date is displayed, and the system is automatically activated or inactivated accordingly on that date.
Allow Campus Admins to View All District StudentsIndicate if campus-level administrative users can see all students in the district.

No - Campus-level administrators are blocked from accessing students who are not at a campus they have access to, and from impersonating a user to access those students. For example, if a parent has two students - one that the campus administrator should be able to see, and one that he should not be able to see, the campus administrator can impersonate that parent, but only students at his campus are displayed.

Yes - Campus-level administrators can access students who are not at a campus they have access to, and can impersonate a user to access those students.

Display Access:

❏ Determine what data is displayed to ParentPortal users.

Admin District Settings - Display Access section

Display Discipline RecordsIndicate if you want discipline information (with or without comments) displayed in ParentPortal.

No - The Discipline page is not available for parents in ParentPortal.

Yes, without comments - The Discipline page is available for parents in ParentPortal, but any comments associated with an incident are not displayed.

Yes, with comments - The Discipline page is available for parents in ParentPortal, and any comments associated with an incident are displayed below the discipline record.

Discipline Flow Chart
Display SchedulesIndicate if you want to display student schedule information in ParentPortal.

No - Parents will be able to access ParentPortal and use some parts (such as online registration), but will not be able to view data that would require a student's schedule to be displayed (Summary, Attendance, Grades, and Assignments). When set to No, the message “Student schedule is not available at this time” is displayed at the top of the Summary, Attendance, Grades, Assignments, and My Account pages.

Yes - Student schedule data is displayed throughout ParentPortal.
Display Immunization RecordsIndicate if you want to display immunization data for parents in ParentPortal.
Display Immunization Resource PathIf Yes:

Path: Type the address for the website providing information about immunization requirements, such as the Texas Department of State Health Services website.

Click Save.

NOTE: The Texas Education Code requires that a link to the Texas Department of State Health Services website be provided to parents as part of the Immunization Awareness program. This field provides a way to adhere to this requirement; however, you are not required to use this field.

Site Resources

Security Questions:

❏ Enter security questions that parent users can use to recover a user name or reset a password.

Admin District Settings - Security Questions section

QuestionSelect the language of the question.
Type a question in the corresponding language that the user will answer.

❏ Click Add.

  • New questions are displayed in the grid at the top of the list.
  • Once the page is refreshed, all questions are listed in alphabetical order.

delete icon - Click to remove a question from the list.

NOTE: You cannot remove a question if it has a parent's answer associated with it.

District Links:

❏ Provide links to helpful websites. These links will be displayed on the Links page.

Admin District Settings - District Links section

Web AddressType the URL for the website.
LabelType the text as you want the link to appear. The text can be the URL or specific words such as the website name.
Description(Optional) Type an additional description of the website, such as why it is being provided, or what information it provides.

❏ Click Add.

❏ On the right:

delete icon - Click to stop displaying the link in ParentPortal.

You are prompted to confirm that you want to delete the link. Click Yes.
The link is removed from the list.

edit icon - Click to modify the properties of the link.

A pop-up window opens allowing you to modify the properties. Click Save Changes.

Color Customization:

❏ Change the ASCENDER ParentPortal district-wide color scheme.

Admin District Settings - District Theme section

Enable Color CustomizationSelect On to enable modifying the ParentPortal color scheme. Additional fields are displayed allowing you to select web accessible colors.

❏ For each color choice:

❏ Click the drop-down arrow to open the color palette.
❏ Click a color in the palette to select it, or enter the Hex code or RGB code.
❏ Click Apply.

Background ColorChanges the background of the left-side navigation bar.
Text ColorChanges the color of the text in the left-side navigation bar.
Accent ColorChanges the color of the main menu headings, drop-down arrows, vertical bars, and a few other navigation elements.

❏ When all colors have been selected, click Check Accessibility to confirm that your color selections meet ADA requirements. If not, make different selections.

❏ Click Save Theme.

You cannot save a theme until you have checked its accessibility.

NOTE: To reset to the original colors, set Enable Color Customization to No.

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