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Admin - Site Statistics

ASCENDER ParentPortal Admin > Admin Settings > Site Statistics

This page is only available to users who log on to ASCENDER ParentPortal with a district- or campus-level security administrator user name.

This page provides information about form usage across the district or campus, or for a specific parent/guardian, is displayed. Archived forms are not included in these counts.

Site Statistics

  • Click each graph to view additional details.
  • Click on sections of a graph or the adjacent legend to download a csv file containing details for a particular section.

The following information is displayed:

Total UsersProvides a count of all ParentPortal users in the district.
Active UsersProvides data about the number of users who have logged on since a particular date.
Student AccountsProvides data about students associated with a ParentPortal account (includes student accounts).
Student Enrollment in PortalProvides data about students who have registered online using ParentPortal (whether they have started and/or completed the process).
New Student EnrollmentProvides data about students who have enrolled online using ParentPortal (whether they have started and/or completed the process).

NOTE: In the Status column on the downloaded spreadsheet:
Code 1 = Started (pink)
Code 2 = Submitted (green)
Code 3 = Enrolled (purple)

Administrative Users

Administrative UsersProvides counts of district-wide and campus-wide administrative users.
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