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Admin - Form Creator

ASCENDER ParentPortal Admin > Form Management > Form Creator

This page is only available to users who log on to ASCENDER ParentPortal with a district- or campus-level security administrator user name.

The Form Creator allows you to create new forms, as well as delete and edit existing forms.

Two types of forms can be created:

  • Static forms can be created using the static documents you have already uploaded.
  • Dynamic forms can be created using the fields you selected in previous steps.

NOTE: A form must be added to a group in order to be accessible to parents. You will add the form to a group in a subsequent step.

Form Creator page

On the left side of the page, any existing forms are listed.

  • Active Forms are listed first, and Archived Forms are listed below active forms.

Collapse Section icon - Click to hide Active Forms or Archived Forms.
Expand Section icon - Click to re-display Active Forms or Archived Forms.

  • Forms are automatically grouped by form type (Static first, then Dynamic).

    Forms that have an uploaded document attached are listed under Static.
    Forms that do not have an uploaded document attached are listed under Dynamic.

  • Under Active Forms - Dynamic, three 'New Student' forms are included by default:

    • New Student Enrollment
    • New Student Contacts
    • New Student Address
    The following forms are also included by default:
    • Contacts
    • Registration

  • Fields: # indicates the number of fields that have been added to a dynamic form. Static forms do not have fields.

preview icon - Hover over the form and click the preview icon to preview the form.

The form opens in a pop-up window or different tab allowing you to view the form as it will be displayed to parents in ParentPortal. In the preview window, data cannot be edited or saved.

Create a new form:

  1. Create a static form using an uploaded document.
  2. Create/edit a dynamic form using data fields.
  3. Edit settings for a 'New Student' form.
  4. Create a new form by copying an existing form.
  5. Create a custom form.
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