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Parent Guide: New Student Enrollment, Online Registration, & Data Updates

I. Create Account & Enroll a New Student

Follow these steps to enroll a student in the district using the New Student Enrollment wizard.

  1. Create an ASCENDER ParentPortal account and log on.
  2. Complete the new student enrollment process.
  3. What Happens Next?

II. Add & Register Student

With a ParentPortal ID, you can add the student to your ASCENDER ParentPortal account and complete Returning Student Registration during the registration window.

Registration & Student Data Maintenance Flow Chart:

Before continuing:

Once you receive the ParentPortal ID:

  1. Add the student to your ParentPortal account.

During the Registration window:

  1. Register for the upcoming school year.
  2. Monitor pending data changes.
  3. What Happens Next?

III. Maintain Student Data

If allowed by the district, you can submit a request to update your student’s current year records at any time, such as an address or phone number change.

  1. Update current year data as needed.
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