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Parent Guide: New Student Enrollment, Online Registration, & Data Updates

I. Create Account & Enroll a New Student

Follow these steps to enroll a new student in the district.

  1. Create an ASCENDER ParentPortal account and log on.
  2. Complete the new student enrollment process.
  3. What happens next?

II. Add & Register Student

With a ParentPortal ID, you can add the student to your ASCENDER ParentPortal account and complete Returning Student Registration during the registration window.

Registration & Student Data Maintenance Flow Chart:

Before continuing:

Once you receive the ParentPortal ID:

  1. Add the student to your ParentPortal account.

During the Registration window:

  1. Register for the upcoming school year.
  2. Monitor pending data changes.
  3. What happens next?

III. Maintain Student Data

If allowed by the district, you can submit a request to update your student’s current year records at any time, such as an address or phone number change.

  1. Update current year data as needed.
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