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Cafeteria Export

Only active students are included.

Student ID6
Family Code9blank or zeros
Student Last Name25
Student First Name17
Student Middle Name14
Campus ID3
Grade2EE, PK, KG, 01-12
Home Room3Current year control number
Economic Disadvantage Code2If economic disadvantage = “ ”, then B.
If economic disadvantage = 01, then 1.
If economic disadvantage = 02, then 2.
If economic disadvantage = 00, then 3.
If economic disadvantage = 99, then 9.
(not used)Economic Disadvantage Date5Leave blank - not used.
SSN or State Student ID9
Date of Birth8YYYYMMDD
Student Status11, 2, or 3 only
Enrollment Date1blank
Guardian Name42Uses the highest priority contact in Registration.
Guardian Address25Uses the highest priority contact address in Registration. If blank, the student’s mailing address is used.
Guardian Address 27
Guardian City17
Guardian State2
Guardian Zip95 or 9 digits, or blank
Guardian Telephone Number17Uses the highest priority contact in Registration.
Ethnic Code1H (Hispanic, regardless of race). If not, must be one of the following:
A (Asian)
B (Black or African American)
I (American Indian or Alaska Native)
P (Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander)
T (Two or More)
W (White)
Record Activity Code11=Active
Home Room Code 23Next year control number
Email Address64
Texas Unique Student ID10
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