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Parent Guide to ASCENDER ParentPortal

Having problems using ParentPortal? Click here. (prints separately)

What would you like to do?

Access ParentPortal

I. Create an ASCENDER ParentPortal account and log on.

II. Retrieve your user name, or update your password.

III. Change the language.

IV. Access public documents.

V. Navigate ParentPortal.

Update Your ParentPortal Account

I. Access the My Account page.

II. Update your parent contact information.

III. Update your ParentPortal password.

IV. Update your security information (hint questions).

View Your Student's Information

I. Link an enrolled student.

II. View the Summary page and your student's information (if available).

III. View your student's attendance.

IV. View your student's cycle grades.

V. View your student's semester grades.

VI. View your student's assignments.

VII. View your student's immunization information.

VIII. View your student's discipline information.

Set Up and View Alerts

I. What are alerts?

II. View alerts.

III. Set up attendance and/or grade alerts.

Did you know?

You can also:

  • Enroll new students *
  • Register returning students *
  • Update your student's information *

See the Parent Guide: New Student Enrollment, Online Registration, & Data Updates.

* If enabled at your district.

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